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asrock conroe presler 775i945gz drivers - Drivers Search
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asrock conroe presler 775i945gz drivers

Asrock P4i48 M BIOS 1.0

Operating System:BIOS , 215 Kb
Asrock P4i48-M BIOS 1.0. First released.....

System:BIOS / Filesize:215 Kb

Asrock K7VT4 4X BIOS 1.8

Operating System:BIOS , 193 Kb
Asrock K7VT4-4X BIOS 1.8. Support AMD Sempron (Thoroughbred and Thorton cores) 2200+, 2300+, 2400+, 2500+, 2600+, and, 2800+ CPU.....

System:BIOS / Filesize:193 Kb

Asrock P4VX4 BIOS 1.3

Operating System:BIOS , 211 Kb
Asrock P4VX4 BIOS 1.3. With HyperThreading CPU and HyperThreading enabled, keyboard should function correctly.....

System:BIOS / Filesize:211 Kb
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Asrock K7S41 BIOS v1.90

Operating System:BIOS , 436 Kb
Asrock K7S41 BIOS v1.90. Supported Athlon XP 2900+ CPU (Barton core,FSB400).....

System:BIOS / Filesize:436 Kb

Asrock 775i48 BIOS v1.20

Operating System:BIOS , 334 Kb
Asrock 775i48 BIOS v1.20. CPU Microcode updated. Support EIST function for 630/640/650/660 CPU.....

System:BIOS / Filesize:334 Kb

Asrock K7V88 BIOS 1.4

Operating System:BIOS , 217 Kb
Asrock K7V88 BIOS 1.4.Cherry PS2 keyboard should be working correctly.System should boot up correctly if a blank CD-R or CD-RW disk is in the USB Plextor CD-RW writer.Fi...

System:BIOS / Filesize:217 Kb

Asrock 775i915PL M BIOS v1.00

Operating System:BIOS , 472 Kb
Asrock 775i915PL-M BIOS v1.00. First release.....

System:BIOS / Filesize:472 Kb

Asrock P4i48 BIOS 1.6

Operating System:BIOS , 215 Kb
Asrock P4i48 BIOS 1.6.Few Prescott CPU (3.0 GHz and above) should be running at right frequency.CPU Microcode updated....

System:BIOS / Filesize:215 Kb

Asrock G PRO BIOS 1.4

Operating System:BIOS , 230 Kb
Asrock G PRO BIOS 1.4.Korea Windows 98SE would work well with PS2 keyboard.System would not hang up with on-board VGA....

System:BIOS / Filesize:230 Kb

Asrock P4i65GV BIOS 1.8

Operating System:BIOS , 243 Kb
Asrock P4i65GV BIOS 1.8.Few Prescott CPU (3.0 GHz and above) should be running at right frequency.CPU Microcode updated....

System:BIOS / Filesize:243 Kb

Asrock GE PRO HT BIOS 2.4

Operating System:BIOS , 235 Kb
Asrock GE PRO-HT BIOS 2.4.For Rev. 1.x board, CPU temperature should be shown correctly in the System Hardware Monitor.System should resume from hibernate correctly if U...

System:BIOS / Filesize:235 Kb

Asrock 775S61 BIOS 1.1

Operating System:BIOS , 230 Kb
Asrock 775S61 BIOS 1.1. First released.....

System:BIOS / Filesize:230 Kb

Asrock 775S61 BIOS v1.20

Operating System:BIOS , 523 Kb
Asrock 775S61 BIOS v1.20. Support Intel 6XX series CPU.....

System:BIOS / Filesize:523 Kb

Asrock P4V88 BIOS v1.40

Operating System:BIOS , 553 Kb
Asrock P4V88+ BIOS v1.40.CPU Microcode updated. (Celeron D 310 /FSB 533 G0 Stepping CPU supported.)....

System:BIOS / Filesize:553 Kb

Asrock 939S56 M BIOS v1.10

Operating System:BIOS , 454 Kb
Asrock 939S56-M BIOS v1.10.Added the patch for Turkish Win98SE.Supported new CPU with upgrade CPU card: K8 939 Athlon64 Rev.E6 3400+/3800+, K8 939 Athlon 64X2 Rev.E4 380...

System:BIOS / Filesize:454 Kb

Asrock X533 BIOS 1.4

Operating System:BIOS , 209 Kb
Asrock X533 BIOS 1.4. CPU Microcode updated. Celeron 2.8 GHz CPU should be shown correctly.....

System:BIOS / Filesize:209 Kb

Asrock K7S8XE BIOS 2.2

Operating System:BIOS , 190 Kb
Asrock K7S8XE BIOS 2.2. Support AMD Sempron 3000+ CPU.....

System:BIOS / Filesize:190 Kb

Asrock 775V88 BIOS v1.40

Operating System:BIOS , 475 Kb
Asrock 775V88 BIOS v1.40. Support EIST function for 630/640/650/660 series CPU.....

System:BIOS / Filesize:475 Kb

Asrock P4i45D BIOS 2.3

Operating System:BIOS , 212 Kb
Asrock P4i45D BIOS 2.3. After updating the BIOS with FSB 800 MHz CPU on P4i45D R3.0 board, the system should boot up correctly.....

System:BIOS / Filesize:212 Kb

Asrock 775i65GV BIOS 1.5

Operating System:BIOS , 244 Kb
Asrock 775i65GV BIOS 1.5.CPU Microcode updated.With HT CPU installed, after changing BIOS setup option Hyper Threading Technology to Disabled, setup option Hyper Threadi...

System:BIOS / Filesize:244 Kb
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